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Center Hill Lake Real Estate Specialists

At Center Hill Realty, we are renowned for our dedication to providing friendly, professional service. We are the Center Hill Lake Real Estate Specialists utilizing cutting-edge marketing technologies and innovative strategies to buy and sell lake homes. We strive to achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients, distinguishing ourselves from the competition. Whether you are buying, selling, or simply exploring the market, trust Center Hill Realty to guide you with expertise and integrity…

Our Market Areas

Welcome to Center Hill Realty, your premier real estate partner for finding your dream home in some of Tennessee’s most desirable locations. Whether you’re looking to settle near the serene waters of Center Hill Lake or in the welcoming communities of DeKalb County, including Alexandria, Dowelltown, Liberty, and Smithville, we offer unrivaled local expertise and a wide selection of properties. At Center Hill Realty, we are committed to providing personalized service and the deepest insights into the market, ensuring you find a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget. Let us guide you through these charming areas, each offering unique amenities and the promise of a peaceful, fulfilling life.

Center Hill Lake

At Center Hill Realty, we’re excited to share why Center Hill Lake and the surrounding areas of DeKalb, White, and Putnam Counties are fantastic living choices. Are you searching for a family home, a retirement spot, or a vacation getaway with stunning lake views? Look no further.

Our real estate range includes everything from affordable homes and farms to luxurious lakefront houses, condos, and rentals. Furthermore, these areas boast scenic landscapes, low taxes, and modern amenities, all just over an hour’s drive from Nashville.

OUTDOOR PARADISE AT CENTER HILL LAKE Outdoor enthusiasts will find paradise here. Center Hill Lake attracts boaters, anglers, and skiers yearly. With Edgar Evins State Park and campsites by the US Army Corps of Engineers, there’s plenty of camping and hiking. In fact, the area is also great for wildlife watching and hunting, with vast forests and the TWRA’s 1300-acre Pea Ridge Game Preserve.

For art lovers, the Joe L. Evins Appalachian Crafts Center on the lake is a hub for artists who gather to learn, create, and sell their work. Nearby, Smithville’s Stella Luna Gallery showcases exceptional local art. And, the annual Off The Beaten Path tour also offers a glimpse into the vibrant local arts scene.

EDGAR EVINS STATE PARK OBSERVATORY If you’re looking for the ideal place to live or start a business, our communities offer a mix of new and character-rich older homes. Large land tracts are available for building your rural retreat, and smaller plots are perfect for hobby farms. However, near the lake, you can find homes and lots with breathtaking views and easy shoreline access.

Ready to buy, sell, or learn more? Contact Center Hill Realty today. We are your trusted local real estate experts.

DeKalb County

Over 18,000 people live in DeKalb County, home to towns like Smithville, Alexandria, Liberty, and Dowelltown, as well as rural areas such as Temperance Hall and Keltonburg. Residents here value the scenic beauty surrounding them, particularly at Center Hill Lake, a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts.

DeKalb County lies about 60 miles southeast of Nashville, accessible via Interstate 40 or U.S. Highway 70, and connected by several state routes to nearby cities. In fact, it’s named after Baron Johann DeKalb, a Bavarian hero of the American Revolution. The area has historical significance from the Civil War, including the Battle of Snows Hill.

Family farms once dominated the landscape along the Caney Fork River until the Center Hill Dam was built, creating Center Hill Lake. These farms have mostly given way to forests or have been subdivided for housing. Today, locals are as likely to work locally as they are to commute to cities like Cookeville or Murfreesboro.

Residents enjoy low property taxes and no state income tax. Healthcare is provided by DeKalb Community Hospital and several senior care facilities. Local media includes two newspapers and radio station WJLE. The community supports many churches and civic groups.

Life here features country walks, fishing, and seasonal outdoor activities. Dowelltown showcases modest older homes alongside new constructions on spacious lots. And, large plots of land are still available for those looking to build a rural retreat.

If this sounds like your ideal place to call home, contact Center Hill Realty today. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’re your local real estate experts, ready to help you find your slice of country life.


Over 800 residents of Alexandria proudly proclaim their town as the “Home of the Finest Folks on Earth.” This welcoming sign greets visitors arriving via Highway 70 from Watertown. The sense of community and belonging here is palpable.

Alexandria is at the western end of DeKalb County. It’s accessible from Lebanon on Highway 70 or I-40, and from the east and west via Highway 53. Residents enjoy both worlds: working in nearby cities or Nashville by day and returning to the tranquility of small-town life at night.

The town’s roots trace back to the early 1800s, formally established in 1820. By 1856, Alexandria hosted the first DeKalb County fair. Today, known as the “Grandpa Fair of the South,” it is the region’s longest-running county fair. Each summer, the fair offers a mix of exhibits and fun, highlighting Alexandria’s strong community spirit.

The fairgrounds, near downtown, are also historically significant. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan’s raiders rested here in 1863 before their raid into Ohio.

Today, Alexandria features a mix of older homes along its streets, newer residences, and several small subdivisions. Some farmland remains outside the city, but it’s gradually being subdivided for new homes. To explore what’s available, search by town name or zip code. For expert guidance, contact Center Hill Realty. We’re your local real estate specialists, ready to help you find your place in Alexandria.


Dowelltown lies west of Snows Hill’s base, mainly north of Highway 70, where Dry Creek meets Smith Fork. This confluence, rich in Native American history, still shows traces of its ancient inhabitants. The town, founded in 1867 when its first mill was built by the spring, has grown slowly around this landmark. Today, Dowelltown has just over 400 residents, with many more living in the picturesque countryside around it.

Residents here cherish their rural lifestyle: taking leisurely strolls, fishing and swimming in the creek during summer, and exploring the scenic surroundings all year round. If you prefer a fast-paced life, this town might not suit you.

Dowelltown features modest older homes, with newer, larger homes emerging on affordable plots. While some hillside farms revert to woodlands, others along the creek bottoms continue to farm. Large undeveloped tracts are still available, but many larger farms are being split into smaller parcels, perfect for those seeking a rural retreat.

Interested in this serene lifestyle? Start your search in Dowelltown by town name or zip code.


DeKalb County’s oldest town (Liberty) is also one of its most scenic. Revolutionary War veteran Adam Dale first settled the area in 1797. He built a mill on the Smith Fork Creek and founded the town in 1804. The scenic splendor of the surrounding fields, hills and hollows has changed relatively little since those days.

Much of the area along Main Street enjoys protection as a National Historic District encompassing a mix of buildings and structures from each chapter in the town’s rich history. Landmarks include the old Liberty High School, built of native limestone, and the Salem Baptist Church and cemetery, the final resting place for generations of those who have proudly called this place home. DeKalb County’s last Indian battle was fought within the city limits near where the Clear Fork flows into Smith Fork creek. Decades later, soldiers in blue and gray fought several skirmishes along nearby streets.

Once a thriving, self-sustaining municipality, today Liberty has matured into a quiet bedroom community characterized by its many friendly faces, comfortable sidewalks for an easy stroll and a congenial sense of place. Most residents commute to work in nearby cities and towns; even Nashville is within a little more than an hour’s drive away.

The community is also home to those who live in town as well as on land, lots or farms in the surrounding area. If interested in a lot, house, or farm here, search by Liberty or the town’s zip code, 37095.


Smithville serves as the county seat of DeKalb County and functions as its central hub. It houses the county government offices, local courts, most public schools, numerous churches, major retailers, medical facilities, and the main office of Center Hill Realty.

Home to nearly 4,000 people, Smithville maintains a small-town atmosphere with modern conveniences. Its residents range from lifelong locals to newcomers drawn by affordable living and community values. Recreation options include Greenbrook Park, known for its duck pond and walking path, and the Smithville Municipal Golf Course, which also offers a pool and tennis courts.

Smithville Fiddler’s Jamboree

Each summer, Smithville hosts the Fiddler’s Jamboree, attracting up to 100,000 visitors. They enjoy traditional Appalachian music and crafts under the courthouse lawn’s shade. This event often convinces many to make Smithville their home, thanks to the relaxed lifestyle and Southern hospitality.

Smithville’s real estate features diverse housing options from spacious 19th-century homes to modern developments. Most properties boast large yards, perfect for gardening.

To discover if Smithville has the right home or commercial property for you, search the MLS by town name or zip code. For immediate assistance, click the Contact Us or Email button on this page to connect with Center Hill Realty directly about your real estate needs.

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Robin Driver

Owner, Center Hill Realty


Since its founding in 1989, Center Hill Realty has consistently been the DeKalb County market leader in real estate sales and services. Broker/owner, Robin Driver, is a third-generation real estate professional, following in the footsteps of both his grandfather, community leader James G. “Bobo” Driver, and his father Don Driver, broker, appraiser, etc.